Listen to the Adelaide Bells and Watch Some Bellringing


CDThe Bells of Adelaide CD The Bells of Adelaide by The Adelaide Bellringers Also Available on iTunes

The Bells of Adelaide


Live recordings of change-ringing bells in the city of Adelaide, Australia
The Adelaide Bellringers, with
The Ancient Society of College Youths and
The Society of Royal Cumberland Youths

Now available on CD for AU$20 plus postage featuring all five Adelaide Towers; and downloadable on iTunes with 3 bonus tracks including Lament for Christchurch.

Proceeds from this recording go to the development of bellringing in Adelaide, except proceeds from Lament for Christchurch, which go to the restoration and development of bellringing in Christchurch.

Contact Matthew Sorell:
Phone:+61 410 432 762 (mobile)
Write to:34 West Parkway, Colonel Light Gardens SA 5041, Australia


Bellringers Get A Boost
Channel 7 Report on the opening of the Ringing Centre
Ringing cathedral bells without disturbing the peace
ABC 891 Interview about the Ringing Centre
Christmas Eve Ringing at St Francis Xavier
A recording made of the Christmas Eve ringing at St.Francis Xavier
The Adelaide Ringing Centre in Action
The functional, but not completed, ringing centre in action during a practice night.
More Bellringers Needed
An Introduction to Bell-Ringing
An introduction to bellringing from the UK.
A Tour of St.Andrew's Walkerville
Philippa Lamphee gives us a brief tour of St.Andrew's
Part of a Peal attempt at Saint Peter's
Part of a peal attempt at Saint Peter's by
the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths in February 2011
AC/DC verses the St.Peter's Bells
An AC/DC concert at the Adelaide Oval happened to coincide with
our regular Tuesday night practice.
The Muppets ring the bells
OK, so its not the Adelaide bells, but its funny.
1.0 - Basic Change Ringing - Introduction and Rounds
A Beginners lesson in bell-ringing.
2.0 - Basic Change Ringing - Call Changes
The next step in bell-ringing ... call-changes.