The Adelaide BellTowers

There are many towers in Adelaide with bells in them, but only a few with the bells hung in the correct fashion for us to ring. Those towers are shown below:


The TowerSt.Peter's
St. Peter's Cathedral, North Adelaide Cast by Taylors of Loughborough and installed in 1946, this octave with a tenor of 2096kg in C is second in weight only to Sherbourne Abbey and is widely regarded as amongst the finest ring of bells in the world. The tenor, being over two imperial tons, is a great bell and named "Great Frederick" for Frederick Lakeman, the benefactor. The bells were opened by a band of ringers from Sydney, who flew to Adelaide for the occasion in 1947, a significant adventure in itself!The bells are rung half-muffled for the annual ANZAC Day Parade and often feature during telecasts of cricket matches from the Adelaide Oval. Wedding bells are also frequently heard on Saturday afternoon.
ContactAddress:18 King William Road, North Adelaide, 5006.
The Bells
17-0-1356C1946John Taylor & Co
27-2-22390B1946John Taylor & Co
39-1-3471A1946John Taylor & Co
412-3-11652G1946John Taylor & Co
516-3-15857F1946John Taylor & Co
620-2-231051E1946John Taylor & Co
727-1-211393D1946John Taylor & Co
841-1-02095C1946John Taylor & Co

St.Francis Xavier

The TowerSt.Francis Xavier
St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Adelaide Cast by the famous Whitechapel Bellfoundry in London, the bells date from 1881 (seven bells purchased from St Mary's Basilica, Sydney in 1985), 1992 (the 1448kg tenor in D flat) and 1995 (the light bells completing this ring of twelve).In 1992 Miss Lena Lewis donated the cost of retuning the bells, casting a tenor and providing a frame for 13 bells and fittings. Her estate later funded the casting of the trebles, including sharp second. The bells were first rung in 1996; the first peal of Maximus in Adelaide was rung in 1997, conducted by Philip Goodyer.
ContactAddress:11-19 Wakefield Street, Adelaide, 5000.
The Bells
15-0-25265Ab1995Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd
25-2-7282Gb1995Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd
2#5-0-19262G1995Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd
35-3-9296F1995Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd
45-3-23302Eb1995Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd
56-1-23327Db1881Mears & Stainbank
66-2-20339C1881Mears & Stainbank
77-1-23378Bb1881Mears & Stainbank
88-3-18452Ab1881Mears & Stainbank
910-3-21555Gb1881Mears & Stainbank
1012-2-5637F1881Mears & Stainbank
1117-0-15870Eb1881Mears & Stainbank
1228-2-11448Db1992Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd
Service38-3-71971Db1867John Murphy

Town Hall

The TowerTown Hall
Adelaide Town Hall Cast by Warner in 1865, this octave with a 692kg tenor in F is the oldest ring of bells in Adelaide. The tower is named for Prince Albert, while the GPO clock tower opposite is named for Queen Victoria.After falling into disuse, an effort was made to get the bells into ringing order in 1963-1965, before rehanging in situ in 1981. The first peal was rung in 1984.Why not enquire about having bells at your next Town Hall function?A competing firm was scathing in their report of 1935, but we are fond of our historic civic ring of bells: they were cast by a firm of engineers who specialised in the manufacture of pumps, and who gave up bell-founding some years ago... They are discordant in tone and out of tune with each other...(R.F.A. Housman, Gillett & Johnson Ltd, 1935)
ContactAddress:128 King William Street, Adelaide, 5000.
The Bells
15-3-6294F1865John Warner & Sons
25-3-7295E1865John Warner & Sons
35-3-3293D1865John Warner & Sons
46-2-24341C1865John Warner & Sons
58-2-10436Bb1865John Warner & Sons
69-1-23480A1865John Warner & Sons
710-3-25557G1865John Warner & Sons
813-2-13691F1865John Warner & Sons


The TowerSt.Andrew's
St. Andrew's Church, Walkerville Cast at the Whitechapel Bellfoundry by Mears and Stainbank in 1886 this Village Six with a 655kg tenor in F are a key landmark in Walkerville and the bells are a distinctive sound on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.St Andrew's Church is a popular wedding venue, and bells add to the sense of occasion.The bells were rehung in 1951 on ball bearings as they had become progressively harder to ring on plain bearings. The first peal was rung in 1952. The lack of clock faces to the North East and North West reflect the undeveloped farmland in these directions until relatively recently.
ContactAddress:41 Church Terrace, Walkerville, 5081.
The Bells
15-1-20275D#1886Mears & Stainbank
25-3-18300C#1886Mears & Stainbank
37-0-22365B1886Mears & Stainbank
48-2-13437A#1886Mears & Stainbank
510-1-4522G#1886Mears & Stainbank
612-3-17655F#1886Mears & Stainbank


The TowerSt.Cuthbert's
St.Cuthbert's Prospect Cast by Taylors of Loughborough in 1971, this octave with a 572kg tenor in G was purchased through a bequest from Mrs H.M. Ward.The first peal on the bells was rung in 1975. In 1994 a record length of 17280 Spliced Surprise Major (7 methods) was rung here (Philip Goodyer, tenor) in just under 10 hours.The original campanile (free-standing belltower) design was simplified to save costs and the bells have no inscriptions. The campanile was completed in its current form designed by Tower Captain Anne Haskard in 2004.This modern, light and musical octave is easy to ring and they are a popular peal venue.
ContactAddress:49 Prospect Road, Prospect, 5082.
The Bells
12-3-13145G1971John Taylor & Co
23-0-20161F#1971John Taylor & Co
33-2-4179E1966John Taylor & Co
44-0-16210D1971John Taylor & Co
55-0-5256C1971John Taylor & Co
65-2-14285B1971John Taylor & Co
77-0-10360A1971John Taylor & Co
811-1-2572G1971John Taylor & Co

Ringing Centre

The TowerRinging Centre
Adelaide Ringing Centre, North Adelaide Proposed in 2011, the Adelaide Ringing Centre is destined to be a world leading ringing training centre, housed in the right/east tower, with a 'ring' of 8 dumb-bells connected to computer simulators to allow training in groups of 1, 2, 4 or 8 individuals. Currently proposed to be open by mid 2012, the Adelaide Ringing Centre will be used to train ringers for all of Adelaide's bell towers and will be a valuable resource available to all of ANZAB.
ContactAddress:18 King William Road, North Adelaide, 5006.
The Bells